VIC6 Associates

VIC6 Associates are helping to spread the understanding of IPv6 that will take Victorian industry
into the next phase of Internet opportunity. Our thanks for your interest and support.
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Individual Members

VIC6 also greatly appreciates the support of our Individual Members:
Mick Motion-Wise (Member No. 12), Noel Buchanan (Member No. 26), Tony Bonanno (Member No. 23).

Member No. 5

Nullarbor Consulting

Nullarbor Consulting can design, build and maintain your website, install and configure wireless networks, write and edit business and organisational manuals and presentations, transcribe or convert documents and images into alternative formats, train you how to use your existing and future applications. We also offer strategic advice on wikis, IPV6 implementation and DNS for large networks.

Member No. 6


Lancewood is a small, personalised website business based in Melbourne. It provides design, management, domain name and hosting services, and specialises in nautical, scientific, Internet and IPv6 websites. Each hand-crafted Lancewood website is individually designed for speed and communication, and professionally laid out to showcase ideas, activities and products.

Member No. 8

Gibson Quai-AAS Consulting

Gibson Quai-AAS Pty Ltd (Gibson Quai-AAS) is Australia's leading independent, specialist telecommunications and IT consulting company, providing professional advice to corporate, government, industry, regulatory and investor clients in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific Region. Gibson Quai-AAS consultants provide expert advice on all aspects of telecommunications technologies and applications.

Member No. 12

BFG Consulting Group

BFG Consulting Group members are practitioners in Business Innovation. The Group has extensive experience in supply chain/logistics management, business strategy and in transferring technology locally and internationally, particularly relevant to IPv6 technology. BFG members are skilled in Change Management activities through supply chain/logistics management and technology transfer, and stand ready to assist VIC6 to introduce this new technology.

Member No. 13

University of Ballarat Technology Park (UBTP)

The University of Ballarat Technology Park (UBTP) is a 29-hectare site in a park-like environment adjacent to the Mt Helen campus of Ballarat University. The UBTP brings together the applied academic and research knowledge on its doorstep with strategic and commercial relationships, which allows UBTP tenants to attract talent that will afford them high-yield economic opportunities.